Our History

And it all started in 1886 (History Buffs will want to read here!)

Imagine the year is 1886. The world is certainly different. The Statue of Liberty is dedicated. Grover Cleveland is President. Coca-Cola is introduced in Atlanta. The first car earns a patent. And Mechanics Bank opens its doors to the public.

First named “Mechanics Building & Loan Company,” the business was founded with $60,000 in assets and operated from a private office just two evenings a week. In 1913, Mechanics Building & Loan moved to the May Building at 30 South Park Street in downtown Mansfield. Following four interim locations, the bank opened its permanent headquarters on September 23, 1926 at the location of 2 South Main Street where it remains today and is now Mechanics Bank. Eight additional offices have been added in Richland County since that time, with the newest on Free Road in 2015.

In the span of 132 years, Mechanics grew from a part-time operation to a household name. The bank survived economic downturns, recessions and even the Great Depression. During a time when bank mergers and buyouts were as common as the sun setting each day, Mechanics chose to remain independent. Mechanics now stands as the only remaining independent bank in Richland County.

While the history of Mechanics is interesting in itself, what really makes its 132 years special is one thing -and one thing only - people. 132 years is certainly worth celebrating but we’re not just observing the passing of time. Instead we are honoring years of building relationships with loyal customers, generations of customers – all who have made 132 years possible. Customers who at one time or another referred to Mechanics with the phrase, “That’s My Bank” – a phrase that says so much.

So now the year is 2018. The Statue of Liberty still stands tall. Coca-Cola is the world’s most popular soft drink. There are hybrid and fuel-alternative cars on the road. And Mechanics Bank continues to open its doors to the public, grateful for the past and looking forward to the future.