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But until we can give you a friendly handshake in person, here’s a bit about us:

Mechanics Bank is a full-service community bank in Richland County, Ohio. We’ve remained independently managed for over 136 years, and we’re proud to be the only bank in the county that can make that claim. Because what began in Mansfield in 1886 remains here—headquarters and all.

Being independently managed means we have the freedom to make decisions that are in the best interest of our customers and our neighbors. It means our commitment to the community is as natural to us as, well, banking itself. Because Mechanics Bank is all about people—the customers we serve, the staff we employ, and the neighbors who have turned into friends. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mark Masters

Mark Masters, President & CEO

Jason Painley

Jason Painley, Executive Vice President & CFO

  • The Mechanics Way

    The Mechanics Way dictates how we run our day-to-day operations. It’s about doing what is best and what is right for our customers, our community, and our employees. And it ties back to our mission and guiding principle.

    Our mission is to pursue excellence in every possible way to enrich the lives of people and the communities we serve. And our guiding principle is that It’s All About People. We break that simple statement into four parts:

    1. Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results.
    2. Customer satisfaction is born of a spirit of helpfulness and a selfless desire to serve.
    3. We are honest and respectful in all of our relationships.
    4. Individually and collectively, we are dedicated to our communities.

    Together, these statements explain how we do things: The Mechanics Way.

  • Our History

    It’s 1886. The Statue of Liberty is dedicated. Grover Cleveland is president. Coca-Cola is introduced in Atlanta. The first car earns a patent. And Mechanics Bank opens its doors to the public.

    Originally named “Mechanics Building & Loan Company,” our bank was founded with $60,000 in assets. It was headquartered in a private office that was open just two evenings a week. Fun fact: The bank’s founders chose the name “Mechanics” because of their close relationship with “the working people.”

    We opened our permanent headquarters on September 23, 1926 at 2 South Main Street, where it remains today. Since then, we’ve added eight offices, with the most recent addition being Free Road, which began operations in 2015.

    Over the past century, Mechanics Bank grew from a part-time operation to a household name. We survived economic downturns, recessions and even the Great Depression. During a time when bank mergers and buyouts were common, Mechanics chose to remain independent. Today, we’re the only remaining independent bank headquartered in Richland County.

    And that’s because we’ve spent years building relationships with loyal customers who, in addition to our dedicated employees, have made the past 136 years possible. So while things may have changed a bit since 1886, we’re grateful for our past, and looking forward to our future.

  • Official Statistics

    Mechanics Bank is an FDIC-insured bank chartered by the State of Ohio. Today, we stand as Richland County’s only independent bank. Over 150 employees serve our customers from nine offices in Richland County. Our assets total over $780 million. A current Consolidated Statement of Condition is available in all office locations, but we would welcome the opportunity to mail one to you upon request.

    Mechanics Bank stock is currently owned by Mechanics Financial Corporation holding company. Just as many of our banking relationships span multiple generations, local families have taken pride in Mechanics’ ownership for over a hundred years, first as a mutual company (through 1959), and more recently as a stock company. At present, the stock is closely held by a relatively small number of shareholders, including many employees.