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Answer Center Team


Autumn’s joy thrives as she nurtures her leafy companions.


We don’t know if anyone loves the band “98 Degrees” more than Danielle. She continues to see them in concert and even met Nick Lachey in person!


Once chased a bat out of a drive-thru office. She’s pretty much our very own in-house vet!


Has a beautiful voice, you might hear it if you call in! As a new grandmother, we think she’ll sing the best lullabies.


You can find her at Cedar Point or any other amusement park thriving off of adrenaline.


If Hannah could have the perfect day, it would be relaxing in a hammock by the lake on a warm sunny day. (Ahhh . . . if we close our eyes right now we can hear the waves!)


Jessica has an amazing voice—she loves to sing, and we love to hear it!


Kayla loves dogs—so much so that she adopted a rescue dog as her college graduation gift. She didn’t name him Diploma.


Leia’s parents loved Star Wars so much that they named their daughter after the movie’s famous character. They even made sure it was spelled the same way. May the force be with you, Leia!


Megan loves being with family. Her perfect day is spending it with her husband and son.


Mikayla loves animals, and even previously worked at a vet office.


Pam received the nickname “Ninja Pam” for her ability to quietly sneak up on people (not on purpose).


Known as “Super Sandy” to her nieces and nephews, we know she has some amazing superpowers.


Sarah’s favorite day is a grey, rainy day, which she enjoys best with a cup of hot tea and a good book – and she’s always up for suggestions for both!