Online Banking


At Mechanics Bank, we want to help you realize your dreams. So whether that’s a home renovation, a brand new car, or an exotic vacation, we’ll show how it’s attainable, thanks to our wide-range of services. Because while we might not be your fairy godmother, we’re pretty good at making things happen.

Dream Book

A convenient, easy-to-maintain account that allows you to save for your dreams with low minimum balance requirements.

Key features:

Minimum Balance


Only $5 needed to open the account

Withdrawals can only be processed when the book is present

Other Features:

  • Deposit to the account online
  • Choose a Dream Book cover design to match your dream or customize your own
  • One $6 service charge per month, if the balance drops below $50
  • Direct deposit


Christmas Club

Perfect for anyone who wants to make saving for the holidays easy!

Key features:

No minimum deposits are required

Only $1 needed to open the account

Account balance disbursed in October by either check or direct deposit

(No withdrawals permitted)

Other Features:

  • Saving made simple!
  • Interest-bearing account


Certificate of Deposit

Key features:

$500 to open

Can withdraw interest after crediting

Featured “Peak Your Interest” CD

Our featured “Peak Your Interest” CD allows the interest rate to be exchanged one time during the term for current published Mechanics Bank Certificate of Deposit (CD) rate for like term.

Other Features:

  • A wide variety of interest payment options available
  • Withdrawals of principal prior to maturity date may cause a penalty