Mortgage/Consumer Lenders

Lindsay Blevins

Main Office
Direct Line: 419-521-2741
MLO# 2237859

Illya Boronka

Main Office
Direct Line: 419-521-2744
MLO# 1406676

Shelly Kiser

South Side Office
Direct Line: 419-520-3698
MLO# 475643

Greg Mumea

Main Office
Direct Line: 419-520-3691
MLO# 475644

Jeanne Peters

Madison Office
Direct Line: 419-589-4280
MLO# 475645

Jody Pollock

Main Office
Direct Line: 419-521-2729
MLO# 794234

Curt Walter

Main Office
Direct Line: 419-521-2758
MLO# 2300491

Lenders/Branch Managers

Cathi Kelley

South Side Office
MLO# 940727

Barb Blanton

Madison Office
MLO# 794228

Ryan Hanawalt

Ontario Office
MLO# 794231

Angie Williams

Lexington Office
MLO# 794237

Jocelyn King

Trimble Road Office
MLO# 794232

Nicki Brindo

Shelby Office
MLO# 2025980

Karin DeSanto

Clear Fork Office
MLO# 1681827

The Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act) requires employees of federally regulated lending institutions who act as a mortgage loan originators (“MLO”) to register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (“Registry”). Each Mechanics Bank MLO is registered with the Registry and has a unique identification number. If you would like to review the background of any Mechanics Bank MLO, find the MLO’s unique identification number from the listing below and go to to perform a search.

Mortgage Loan Originator Identification Number Listing PDF