Key features:

No down payment required

No prepayment penalty

Additional Content:

Vehicle YearMaximum TermRate*APR**Monthly Payment per $1,000
202384 months5.24%5.544%$14.25
2022 & 202172 months5.24%5.591%$16.22
2020 & 201960 months5.49%5.907%$19.10
2018 & 201754 months5.74%6.201%$21.06
2016 & 201548 months5.99%6.506%$23.48


Subject to credit approval. Additional terms and conditions apply. Rates & terms are subject to change at any time without notice.

Origination Fee: $200

*All rates are subject to an automatic transfer of monthly payments from a Mechanics Bank account. Add 0.25% to rates for payments not automatically transferred.

**Annual Percentage Rate. APR based on $20,000 loan amount.