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Life’s big moments often leave us pondering big decisions. When you are making a career move or getting ready to retire, you may wonder what to do with your retirement plan assets. An individual retirement account (IRA) rollover or transfer may offer you a better choice than a basic payout. With an IRA rollover or transfer, your funds can continue to benefit from tax deferral, you may avoid any applicable early withdrawal penalties, and there may be more investment options available than are offered by your current retirement plan.

If you choose to rollover or transfer your existing IRA, we can offer:

  • Professional management of IRAs.
  • Opportunities to create a Roth IRA for income tax advantages, as appropriate.
  • Distribution administration and reporting for required minimum distributions.
  • Tax reporting and withholding, as requested by client.
  • Customized beneficiary designation options.

Please refer to your account disclosure for other important information and consult your professional tax advisor for more details.

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Nick Gesouras

Nick Gesouras
SVP & Senior Trust Officer
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Beth Myers

Beth Myers
VP & Trust Officer
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